Avanti – Car Rental is a dynamic company, with extensive and rich experience in the field, which provides a solution for all types of car rentals, while ensuring a personal, fast and efficient service at a high professional level.

More lucrative to rent at Avanti- car rental

Uanti Car Rental operates a unique service of bringing a car to the customer’s home, and returning it. The service does not involve an additional payment, and is performed as a service to our customers (the service will be provided if possible, at the company’s discretion. For car rentals for a continuous period of 21 days or more, from the Central and Sharon area).

Rental of vehicles for different periods of time, for long and short periods.

Auanti owns in its vehicle fleet a wide range of vehicles, private and commercial vehicles.

Rental of vehicles all days of the week except Saturday, holidays, and Yom Kippur (even after business hours, if possible).

Road services throughout the country – available twenty-four hours a day.

Attractive prices, promotions, and especially favorable conditions.

* For a minimum period of 21 days, in the central area only.

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