Car leasing

What exactly is car leasing?

First, we would like to explain what car leasing is all about. The words car leasing automatically communicates to most of us the natural desire of purchasing a car. But car leasing is in fact a tool that allows us to purchase a car, or anything of that matter with the leasing system. One of the main advantages with this system is the fact that an individual can purchase a car without spending an enormous amount of money. Car leasing companies will allow convenient and long term payment methods. First, a deposit will have to be paid. The amount of the deposit is set in conjunction with the car leasing company and the client himself. After the deposit has been paid, the client will pay the company a fixed amount for 28-36 months. At the end of the payment period, the client will have the option to choose to whether or not to continue with the deal.


Car leasing works in two forms: operational car leasing and financial leasing. financial car leasing is the popular option for self-employed  and companies since the client is purchasing a package of services which he pays for it in advance, that includes the service and, of course, the use of the vehicle.  There is no need to mess around with all the issues around that since everything is taken care of inside the package.

In operational car leasing, the client is able to save himself a precious time and many costs including sorting of taxation, he will receive personal service from the company, and most notable companies today, do offer towing services, rescue services and replacement cars.

On the other hand, financial (private) Car leasing is more appealing to private individuals since it allows the client to purchase a new car with convenient monthly installments. Alternatively, companies as well are capable of using this alternative if they are not interested in paying the operational part. But, as mentioned, this system is more appealing to the private sector of Israel.

here as well, the car leasing companies will offer clients a package of services as a part of the payment, which will save the client unnecessary involvement with car services, tests etc. the main advantage of this system is the monthly payments that is being conducted in an accessible and convenient rate for the client. At the end of the installment period, the client will be generally able to choose whether or not to continue with the car leasing deal or return the car to the company. To summarize, you can say that car leasing companies in Israel are definitely gaining momentum. Many people want to have a new vehicle but simply can’t afford it, but the car leasing system helps many of them to reach a point where they are able to buy a new car.

Avanti offers amazing operational car leasing opportunities ranging from three months to three years. 

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