Terms of rental

* A rental day – is up to 24 hours (or part of). A one hour delay beyond the date of the return of the car will be charged a 20% tariff of one rental day, each additional hour will be charged additional 20%. a 5-24 hours delay will be charged an extra rental day.
* Rental month – is 30 days (or part of them). An hour’s delay beyond the date of return of the vehicle will be charged at 20% of the one day rental rate, each additional hour will be charged at an additional 20%. a 5-24 hours delay will be charged an extra rental day.
* Gas: it is recommended to return the car at the end of the rental with a full tank. if the car will be returned with partially filled or empty tank, the renter will be charged an additional 30% of the cost of each liter of fuel missing, in addition to the missing fuel amount. It is advised to find out in advance the correct fuel type needed. Fueling with a wrong kind of fuel may cause severe damage to the rented car and will result in a charge for the damages.
* Credit card: the renter must present a valid credit card in his name.
* The cost of ticket conversion is 200 NIS
* toll road handling fee is 65 NIS
* Smoking in the car is strictly forbidden. Every smoker in the vehicle is subject to a fine of NIS 500, without proof of damage or any proof whatsoever.
E-cards are not accepted
* It is strictly prohibited to exit the borders of the country or entering the Palestinian Authority’s territory with the car.
* Car booking – Avanti reserves the right to provide a vehicle according to the booked vehicle group; the images presented on the site are for illustration purposes only.
* The rental is subject to the general terms specified in the rental contract of Avanti.
* Prices and terms might change without prior notice.
* You can cancel a reservation up to 48 hours prior to the car’s delivery. Cancellation within 48 hours prior to the car’s delivery will be charged on the rental day.

Driving, rental, age of the driver
Driver’s age will be minimum 24. The driver must have a valid driver’s license for at least 4 years.

Rental includes comperhensive insurance

2,500 NIS diductible per accident/per event for categories B, C, D
3,000 NIS diductible per accident/per event for categories F
2,500 NIS diductible per accident/per event for categories G. Lower undercarriage, windows and tires damages are not covered by any coverage and renter must pay them fully.

Other taxes and fees
Baby seat: $3 US a day. One extra drive: no extra charge.
Airport fee: 250 NIS for every pickup or car return at the Ben Gurion Airport
GPS: Additional $10 US per day
Prices shown in the Avanti’s website calculator are a recommendation only, and are not binding to the company. The company is allowed to price the car rental differently than what’s shown on the Avanti’s calculator website
at the sole discretion of the company.

VAT: 17% VAT will apply to all components of the rental. VAT doesn’t apply to tourists entering Israel with a foreign passport stamped with a B2, B3 or B4 Visa. The charge applies to foreign residents who have Israeli citizenship.

Availability: After the booking has been made, it is needed to contact the company’s representatives to make sure the vehicle is available, there are cases that the website’s calculator will give a price but the car won’t be available due to booking load, season etc.

During the year, holidays and summer months, there may be an extra season charge according to Avanti’s discretion.
Prices shown are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of the company.

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